Charging Forward

It should be simple to find leads for EV charging in the South East of England, but sometimes what looks easy is, in fact, a real technical challenge.

Firstly, whilst there is a lot of searching for EV points, we only want to target those who want an installation. Secondly, we also need to avoid congested areas where there is only on-street parking. Finally, they had a preference for commercial, not residential installations.

Not so simple, but we plugged away and found a steady flow of electric leads.

Websites Chargebase

Powerful Presence

It’s always exciting working on a new venture. Chargebase has developed a direct-to-market proposition for car chargers, as well as a turnkey approach to home electrical work.

From developing their branding, building two distinct websites with two different online lead generation strategies, we have worked with the management team to launch a one of the South East’s leading EV specialists.

Charging Up

With a number of local teams, we needed to come up with an ad strategy that ensured that the value of the job, and the journey time would make profitable commercial and residential enquiries for Chargebase.

A lightweight, geographically tight, precisely worded set of campaigns was plugged into the business. And the lights went on!

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