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The challenge of any e-commerce business is how to find new customers in a profitable way. With the range of marketing channels, it can be easy to spend all energy on driving traffic without considering fuller optimisation of the on-site experience.

Our rigorous use of Analytics, allows us to not just drill down into the detail, but more importantly to pick out the areas where genuine improvements can be made. Whether colours, definitions, payment gateways or platforms, let us help you accelerate your sales growth.

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Examples Of Our Ecommerce Work

E-Commerce Nautilus Sailing

Another Class

Whilst Nautilus is setting the standard for real-life skippering courses, they recognise there is a substantial audience for online learning.

Having established their new website, we integrated their online courses and set up several routes into registering or trying their online masterclasses as well as tracking paid enquiries into the system to measure relative performance.

Manning the Pumps

If you’re challenging an established industry where cost, supply chain and value is a mystery, then what better way to differentiate than do the opposite.

We created transparent pricing, clear discounts, delivery expectations and global dispatch. Each product had about a thousand combinations, so clients could order exactly what they wanted.

E-Commerce Domin
E-Commerce HCL Fasteners

Ringing the Orders

When we took on the websites for HCL, we wanted to help them in two ways. Firstly, we wanted to replace the platform they were using which, though Open Source, was buggy and limited and meant that most of their budget was spent on fixing issues rather than improving.

Secondly, we wanted to grow their business by connecting fully the marketing spend with the yield. We also persuaded them to focus on lifetime value as much as the first order and put strategies in place for repeat business and customer segmentation.

Fast forward three years, they’re selling over four times as much, and making better margins. Job done, but only just started!

Achieve Growth That Works

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