How to Optimise Your Company Blog for Lead Generation Success

Carving out a niche for your company in today’s lead-generation is much more complicated than in the past, thanks to search engines’ complicated formulas and the array of technological marketing techniques available in a cutthroat marketing world.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can optimize your website to receive a greater amount of traffic and consequently a higher number of clients. Creating a blog for your website is an oft- overlooked way to connect with your customer base and market your wares in a less traditional way. Blogs are great for not only increasing your website’s traffic but also for demonstrating your understanding of and dedication to your clients in a way that is sure to help your sales – if done in the right way.

What should you keep in mind if your company is starting a business blog to help bring its marketing and sales to the next level?

Keep the same formatting and style

To be most effective in increasing sales and not just traffic through your website, you should make sure that your blog looks and sounds similar to the rest of your website. This shows that your company is well-organized and makes it incredibly simple for clients to click through to your main website. An online advertising agency or web design agency can help design your blog if you are having trouble.

Make your blog interconnected with your website

Along the same lines, it is always a good idea to link to some of your other blog posts or internal web pages. This lends a sense of connectedness to your website and makes it more likely that customers will click through to your other articles and the rest of your site.

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Use the blog to connect with your customers, not as another sales pitch

It is important to remember that, although you are making a blog as part of your marketing strategy, a blog’s central purpose should not be to sell a product or service. Instead, use the blog to connect with your clients on a more personal level. It should be like an extension of the FAQ section, though more general in scope. Post blog entries that answer the concerns of your customers, both those directly related to your products and those only somewhat related. This will increase traffic to your blog and demonstrate your dedication to your clients’ satisfaction and not simply your company’s profits.

Be consistent

The failure of many blogs to increase traffic or sales for a company has to do with its lack of consistent posting. For a blog to interest clients, it must not only have interesting information that is applicable to your customers, but also up-to-date resources. Keeping your blog updated shows that the information therein is still valid and that your company is investing energy in continuously connecting with its customers. Try to post something at least once a week.

Make your blog into an entry point

Your blog is not only a great way to connect with your clients that have come upon your website on their own, but also a convenient way to enlarge your network. By inserting several opportunities (links, icons, etc.) for your customers to share the information they are learning on your blog through social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, your company’s message and products can be distributed throughout your clients’ networks as well. In this way you can take advantage of a much greater pool of customers, all through the help of your existing clients. A social media agency or digital strategy company can help you effectively incorporate social media into your blog maintenance.

Make your website stand out from the rest by taking advantage of the many benefits of adding a company blog. Blogs can be easily optimized to help increase traffic to your website and, if done well, increase sales.

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