Email Optimisation: How a Monkey Performs 46% Better than the Average


The three biggest limiting factors for your email marketing are:

  1. Assumptions – where faced with an either/or situation, you just go for the one you think is best
  2. Lack of attention to detail – small improvements are discarded as being irrelevant or inconsequential
  3. Attrition – by serving the same type of email (design or content) again and again then performance slowly deteriorates over time

All of this can be avoided by using simple testing: either by adapting as you go along, or better still by running in-email A/B optimisation.

What this means is that you can send a proportion of a list one email (normally half) and Continue reading “Email Optimisation: How a Monkey Performs 46% Better than the Average”

Effective CRM Starts by banning the ‘Snooze-Letter’

One of the main problems for digital marketing is born out of eagerness to put the horse before the cart. To clarify… that is to decide on a campaign without a well thought-out strategy.

So it is with much of email marketing. It makes so much sense to use emails over pretty much every other form of direct maketing, and most fault foul of the two most common problems:

  1. The company involved doesn’t even have an opted in email list (and, please don’t get us started in terms of buying email lists… ) Continue reading “Effective CRM Starts by banning the ‘Snooze-Letter’”

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