The Facebook Post Mark Zuckerberg Would Love to Write

Facebook TitleHowdy, fellow Facebooker
Greetings from your maker.

Do you Facebook?
Of course you do, and so do I. I Facebook every single day, it makes me more connected and complete. Life is wonderful in Facebook, spend yours here too!

Anyway, I have heard your voice, spidered your posts, scanned your photos and imprinted your wall and profile on my ever-expanding heart. I hear your grievances and they number at least 1.45% on the general scale of importance and I just wanted to write this post and share it with you so that you could feel my pain too and therefore understand better that, though famous and wealthy, I still care about little pups like you. Continue reading “The Facebook Post Mark Zuckerberg Would Love to Write”

6 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2012

Happy New Year from all at Ergo Digital. 2011 was quite eventful for us: from speaking at Wembley Stadium, to launching many successful websites, to sending more emails than ever before (for our clients, of course)… it’s been a year of growth.

As we look ahead, we’ve spotted six things that anyone involved in digital marketing should take note of… here goes: Continue reading “6 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2012”

Google+ is Only Just Getting Started

The common response to a sea-change in a maturing industry can be very predictable, and this is true of the Internet as much as it is the ‘offline’ world because, as we’ll discuss later this month – users of these services are real people too!

This is true when it comes to social media too. With Google+ just about a month old, we’ve seen the two common responses you’d expect from this kind of launch:

  1. The Enthusiast: your typical ‘early adopter’… just sooo excited by this new entrant that they’re gushing about anything it does
  2. The Critic: much keener to take a contrary position and to be perceived to be knowledgeable precisely because they aren’t excited about the launch, they prefer to criticise from a distance

Continue reading “Google+ is Only Just Getting Started”

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