Securing More Orders

HCL had a burgeoning database of current and past clients but relied on their memory, loyalty and the occasional call to increase repeat business. This meant that they were overspending on new customers and not looking after the ones they had won.

We engaged with them and helped them segment their database, identifying which clients were interested in which products, how they preferred to order and to come up with a meaningful, frequent contact strategy. Business is booming.

CRM HCL Fasteners

Attached to Clients

With an increasingly global customer base, a broad range of client needs, and a growing internal team overseeing proposals and quotations, HCL were in need of consolidation.

We helped them bring together all their prospects and clients in one place and recommended ways of segmenting the customer base. They are quoting more often, more quickly and closing more business and, by attaching the CRM to their email platform, also being able to build more repeat business.

Ringing the Orders

When we took on the websites for HCL, we wanted to help them in two ways. Firstly, we wanted to replace the platform they were using which, though Open Source, was buggy and limited and meant that most of their budget was spent on fixing issues rather than improving.

Secondly, we wanted to grow their business by connecting fully the marketing spend with the yield. We also persuaded them to focus on lifetime value as much as the first order and put strategies in place for repeat business and customer segmentation.

Fast forward three years, they’re selling over four times as much, and making better margins. Job done, but only just started!

Websites HCL Fasteners

Making Connections

We have moved HCL from an expensive exercise in bug-fixing of two frustrating shopping sites to a rapidly growing successful online enterprise.

There are two brand new shops, generating four times the revenues of the previous incarnations, as well as a lead generation website covering their offshore and seawater protection systems for wind turbines, electric cables and offshore constructions.

Securing Business

With a wide range of products, applications and service offerings, HCL could be seen as demanding. Yet, by integrating segmentation techniques on company size, sector and purchase history, we are able to choose the audiences to send emails to, and uncover what works.

Each email is scoped, the audience identified, professionally written, designed and then integrated with tracking from within the email as well as through analytics.

Ads HCL Fasteners

Securing Business

Three different websites, covering all continents and over sixty countries. Two are e-commerce, one is lead-generation and all need to be tracked, measured and accounted for.

It’s hardly a simple task, but one we are up to. Having helped quadruple their online sales in the UK, we are now ramping up North America and the rest of the world.

Gripping Stuff

When you have a range of products that is not very ‘instagrammable’ then it’s easy to lose sight of why they matter and how to promote them effectively. Though these products are small and seemingly uninspiring, they are vitally important to the users.

They stop leaks and breakdowns, electrocution and pier collapse. They help machines function, and cars motor. In short, there is a lot to say, if you have imagination.

Branding HCL Fasteners

Keeping it Secure

It’s always a challenge taking an established business, with all the heritage that comes with the old. However, backed by a supportive client, we took them from a ‘WordArt’ style to something that is as flexible as their clamps!

You can see the nod to the product range, but this is such a versatile logo, portrait, landscape, white out of colour. It allows imagery, buttons and offers to pop as it has clarity and style.

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