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Every client digital brand design project we work on is an opportunity to deliver a high-quality solution for your business. We have worked with a blank slate approach or a full rebrand – where we build everything from scratch. We have also revised and modernized existing brands to help them become more appealing.

For all our brands, we ensure that they will engage the target customers and stakeholders, we ensure they work through a digital brand design and graphical standpoint, in black and white as well as colour – and provide a brand book to ensure full adoption. And for every brand, we come up with a unique, memorable graphic that captures the company and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

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Examples Of Our Branding Work

Branding HCL Fasteners

Keeping it Secure

It’s always a challenge taking an established business, with all the heritage that comes with the old. However, backed by a supportive client, we took them from a ‘WordArt’ style to something that is as flexible as their clamps!

You can see the nod to the product range, but this is such a versatile logo, portrait, landscape, white out of colour. It allows imagery, buttons and offers to pop as it has clarity and style.

A Fluid Solution

Taking on an unexpected full rebrand in thirty days was not necessarily part of the remit, but we’re always up for a challenge.

New iconography in place with a subtle and yet distinct nod to hydraulics and the ‘D’ for Domin. We also founded and formed a proper brand book to ensure that consistency remains in place for cross-media activity.

Branding Domin
Branding Flexspace

Building a Brand

Flexspace was a merger of a much smaller business and an established portfolio of commercial spaces. It needed a modern brand which combined some of the palettes of the established businesses, but also developed something fresh for future marketing.

The combination of blue, yellow and white is strong and yet flexible, offering a distinctive and confident brand, whether on a billboard or website.

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